The “War” on Christmas

‘Tis the season to start hearing the usual nonsense about a “War on Christmas,” so I would just like to take a few minutes to point out what should be pathetically obvious to everyone with a functioning brain:

Corporations do not use the words “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” in their advertisements because they are under the malign influence of some sinister, politically correct cabal; they do so because they are trying to advertise their products to the broadest segment of the population possible. This includes people who do not celebrate Christmas.

Once again, this should not need explanation. Especially to people–such as, for example, the very conservatives who believe that there is a War on Christmas–who ardently champion the free market.


About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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One Response to The “War” on Christmas

  1. Lindsay says:

    That might not cheer anybody up — it seems to me like the people who believe in a War on Christmas are the same people who think that non-Christians existing are doing so to spite the Christians …

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