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I’m Not Dead Yet!

I have come to suspect that most, if not all, of my parents’ ongoing discomfort with my transition is rooted in the idea that the person that they knew is dying and being replaced by a stranger. It was an … Continue reading

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“Parascience” And The Problems of Modern Physics

Every few years, I like to go back to watch Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World and its sequels in order to remind myself that (contrary to Penn & Teller), it’s possible to make a skeptical documentary without being a condescending jackass*. … Continue reading

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The Hunt Continues

I am probably one of the very few people in the world who has brushed-up on her Quantum Information Theory in preparation for a job interview. But at least I’m getting interviews now.

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Problems At Home And Abroad

One of the most frequently-cited arguments against western feminists is that we are overly concerned with the (allegedly-minor) sexism problems of our home countries and insufficiently concerned with the True Suffering of women abroad (specifically in majority-Islamic countries). Now of … Continue reading

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The Next Exciting Phase of My Career

Frustrated by my near-complete lack of success with job-hunting, I have turned my attention to the longer term. Specifically: grad school. I’m going back. Probably for September of 2014–hopefully no later–but I’ve decided that that’s what I want to do. … Continue reading

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The VoxCorvegis Drinking Game!

I’m feeling a little bit of undirected creativity today, so I’m going to start up a new meme: the Blog Drinking Game! The idea here is that you list the top five recurring motifs/clichés in your blogging. In this fashion, … Continue reading

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Chris Hadfield and the Elusive Sense of Pride

Last night, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was in my city to sign copies of his new book. I am (as you might imagine) something of a space buff, so I tried going to the shop in order to get a … Continue reading

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