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International Women’s Day, 2013

A few days ago (as part of a lengthy discussion which is deeply not worth the read), Clarissa said something very interesting on the subject of (Trans-Exclusionary/Eliminationist) Radical Feminists: Radfems confuse feminism with an intense dislike of womanhood. Their rabid hatred … Continue reading

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Passing A Milestone

It occurs to me that the first anniversary of the start of my transition has just quietly passed-by without any comment on my part. I really don’t know what to say, to be honest, or indeed, even if anything really … Continue reading

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Resolutions for 2013

During the New Year, I resolve to do the following: I will obtain my Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics. Write at four hundred words a day beyond those written in an official capacity, and not including blog entries. I will … Continue reading

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Out and About: The Didactic Express, Day 18

So as you may well have gathered from the previous handful of posts, I have become increasingly bold in terms of my gender expression. Facilitating this transition has been the fact that, for some reason, a local discount shoe retailer … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Ape: The Didactic Express, Day 7

I roll out of bed each morning knowing myself to be a woman. I take steps to ensure that other people know it as well; I conceal (quite literally) the lies that biology writes about me on my face. I … Continue reading

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The Secret History of Jaime (Part 8): Fumbling Towards Womanhood

I had meant to tell Nominatissima about my transgender feelings for months before we even started dating, but it had been such an enormous secret that I had kept buried for so long that I just simply couldn’t force the … Continue reading

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The Secret History of Jaime (Part 5): Crossdressing

I first tried cross-dressing about a week after my eleventh birthday. I can’t recall precisely what motivated it: probably my growing fixation on the physical manifestations of femininity, though some of it was a form of private rebellion. I recall … Continue reading

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