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Life On An Elastic Band

There are only two things to be said for eking out a meagre existence. The first, quite obviously, is that at least you’re still existing. The second is that “eking” is a fun word to say. I am an example … Continue reading

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Concerning Mathematical Illiteracy

You will not be surprised to learn that in the course of my work as a tutor, I have encountered a great many people who are not particularly skilled in mathematics*. Most of them are blasé about this: they will … Continue reading

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Resolutions for 2013

During the New Year, I resolve to do the following: I will obtain my Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics. Write at four hundred words a day beyond those written in an official capacity, and not including blog entries. I will … Continue reading

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How Not To Approach a Tutor

For the first time ever, I have turned-down a paying tutoring request. Why have I done so, you ask? Because of the student’s mother. You see, yesterday I received an e-mail from the mother in question, asking to engage my … Continue reading

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(In)competence: The Didactic Express, Day 30

Ever since 2004-2005, there has been a certain recurring pattern in my life. Namely, once every two years, I am compelled to return my attention to the study of electromagnetism. Thus, 2004-2005 was my final year of high school; physics … Continue reading

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Blatant Self-Congratulation

I don’t mean to brag, ladies and gentlemen, but I happen to think that I am a really, really good tutor. The secret to my success, perhaps surprisingly, is the very fact that I have never been a perfect student. … Continue reading

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Gone Phishin’

I regret to say that I have, thus far, had a great deal of difficulty keeping my New Year’s Resolution of earning $100 each week through tutoring. Although I have posted advertisements on craigslist, they have attracted mostly spam as … Continue reading

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