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What You’ve Done For Me

I must reacquaint myself with silence Now that I can’t depend Upon the noisome, anti-tranquil violence Of you, my dearest friend. And in those years of sheer frustration When your din brought such vexation Never once did I imagine I’d … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Star Trek

[Some Spoilers Follow] I have a confession to make, dear readers: I am a theoretical physicist today pretty much exclusively because I grew-up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. The overwhelming likelihood is that the show probably also exerted a … Continue reading

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Some More Thoughts on Gatekeeping

The truth is, whether you call it “Gender Dysphoria” or “Gender Idenitity Disorder,” I find the fact that my identity is considered to be a psychiatric condition somewhat degrading. However, I’m not sure whether it’s possible, in practice, to ever … Continue reading

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Of Laser Hair Removal and Medical Gatekeeping

As I am presently unemployed, by budget has been rather tight of late. As such, I was initially going to forgo my latest round of laser hair removal, until a fat rebate cheque from the provincial government convinced me otherwise. … Continue reading

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The Only Criterion That Will Decide My Vote

There are still two long years to go until Canada’s next scheduled federal election. But already I know who I will vote for: I will vote for whichever party I consider most likely to roll-back most of the bullshit that … Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When You Entrust Your Country To An Idiot.

There is a mantra which is popular in right wing circles: it holds that the private sector is infinitely more efficient than the public sector. If this is the case, then surely to God our private industry can conduct its … Continue reading

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Transgender Representation in the Media: “Laurence Anyways.”

A few months ago, I did a post on transgender characters in fiction, and more particularly, why most of them suck. Hoping that this was merely an artifact of the Anglophone media, last night I watched a Quebecois film called … Continue reading

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