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An Heretical Question

For the last several weeks I’ve been thinking about a question which I’m almost afraid to ask, because if taken too literally, it could sound like I’m advocating restrictions on freedom of inquiry. Nevertheless, I think it’s an interesting question, … Continue reading

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Ancestor Simulations

It might interest you to learn that the question of whether or not the Universe is a computer program is a real and legitimate field of scholarly interest in theoretical physics. Personally I love the idea of such “ancestor simulations.” … Continue reading

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Why Are There No “Sociopolitical Popularizers?”

I recently had an intense discussion with a friend of mine in the social sciences, who was incensed that scientists were so ignorant of, and reflexively hostile towards sociopolitical critiques of science. I think this person had a fair point … Continue reading

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Picking Things Apart

I like picking things apart. As far as I am concerned, dissecting illogical or unsupported arguments to figure-out why or when they don’t work, is one of life’s true pleasures. Which is why I’ve been in a bit of a … Continue reading

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The Next Exciting Phase of My Career

Frustrated by my near-complete lack of success with job-hunting, I have turned my attention to the longer term. Specifically: grad school. I’m going back. Probably for September of 2014–hopefully no later–but I’ve decided that that’s what I want to do. … Continue reading

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Time Reborn: A Review

It’s not every book which changes my understanding of how the Universe works, but Lee Smolin’s recent work, Time Reborn, does the trick nicely. I bought it for myself a few months ago, expecting that it would be a rather typical example … Continue reading

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The Consolation of Thermodynamics.

Historians of science have long made note of the surprisingly high rate of suicide attempts amongst the founders of  thermodynamics. On the face of it, it makes a great deal of sense; thermodynamics is a particularly grim branch of physics … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Nonsense

I’d like to take a moment to discuss the concept of Intentionality: who is capable of having it, and who is not. To my mind, it seems that individual people have Intentionality by definition. They are capable, knowingly and willfully, … Continue reading

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In Which Our Heroine Reads Too Much Cory Doctorow and Thinks She Understands Economics

Clarissa has raised a very interesting point at her blog with regard to economic models: The question of an alternative to capitalism is the central question that preoccupies most of philosophers today. If no such alternative exists, then criticizing capitalism … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Archetypical Human

I have a very complex relationship with Plato. As a theoretical physicist, a surprising amount of my methodology is, when you come right down to it, based upon his philosophy. Obviously, I’m not talking about the actual scientific method, with … Continue reading

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