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Who Owns the Future?

I attended my friend’s wedding in Toronto this weekend, which means that I have spent a significantly larger percentage of the last three days sitting in various airports than I would care to admit. And if you have been through … Continue reading

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Ideology as Market Segment

There are no Chick-fil-A outlets in Canada, so I have been watching the fall-out from the Company President’s recent explosion of mind-numbing theoconservative assholery from a safe distance. It’s quite the interesting spectacle. I say ‘interesting’ rather than ‘amusing’ because … Continue reading

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In Which Our Heroine Reads Too Much Cory Doctorow and Thinks She Understands Economics

Clarissa has raised a very interesting point at her blog with regard to economic models: The question of an alternative to capitalism is the central question that preoccupies most of philosophers today. If no such alternative exists, then criticizing capitalism … Continue reading

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Can I Make Some Coin Off Of This?

…And, more to the point, would it be ethical? In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, some of you may recall that a few months ago, I wrote an entry about politically troubling narratives in “forced feminization” fetish-pornography. This … Continue reading

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