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Playing The Martyr

I have recently come to the conclusion that the main reason why so many people misunderstand the nature of “freedom of speech” is that large chunks of the mainstream media deliberately confuse the issue. Simply put, pundits benefit from a … Continue reading

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Why There’s No Such Thing as Being “Apolitical”

Occasionally, I will hear from people who appreciate my writing, or my scientific work, or my qualities as a person, but who have little use for my politics. They invariably ask some variant of the question: “why do you have … Continue reading

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It Finally Happened

The above is an artist’s conception* of the planet Kepler-186f, the first known Earth-sized planet to be located within its parent star’s habitable zone…other than the Earth itself, of course. The planet is located approximately 500 light years away. I … Continue reading

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Threats to Poilievre

Stephen Harper’s (Un)Democratic Reform Minister, Pierre Poilievre, has reputedly been receiving anonymous death threats over his proposed Fair Elections Act, prompting an RCMP investigation. Now, I want to make clear that I of course do not condone death threats*, and … Continue reading

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Why Are There No “Sociopolitical Popularizers?”

I recently had an intense discussion with a friend of mine in the social sciences, who was incensed that scientists were so ignorant of, and reflexively hostile towards sociopolitical critiques of science. I think this person had a fair point … Continue reading

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Arrogance or Experience

My tutoring contract has now, sadly, expired, leaving me with only one source of income left to me: freelance editing of scientific and engineering papers written by scholars from Japan and China. I can’t discuss the specifics of anything that … Continue reading

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Quantum Immortality and Me

One of the most controversial scientific hypotheses to emerge from the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum theory is known as “quantum immortality.” While it does have the ring of New Age tripe, it at least has the benefit of having … Continue reading

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