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Quantum Gender

In a certain light, queer conceptions of gender are a lot like quantum computing. I beg your indulgence, dear readers; I promise that I have not dived off into the deep end of quantum woo. I am merely pointing-out qualitative … Continue reading

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Gendered Reactions to my Transgenderism

Over the past year and a half, I have noted with some amusement the differing ways that the men and women in my life have reacted to news of my transition. The women, in general, have tended to be quietly … Continue reading

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An Unpleasant Bind

Why do I always do these things to myself? The thing is that traveling is a brutal exercise when your documents don’t match your gender identity. Customs officials are more likely to single you out, and even in Canada, our … Continue reading

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So, now that I know that I will be spending my summer at the school in France (and therefore that there is no point to looking for a job just now), I am pleased to say that I can focus … Continue reading

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Borrowed from the QuixoticAutistic: Highlights of 2012 Include: 1) Coming-out as transgender and beginning transition. 2) Finally being able to sit down with my advisor and come-up with a thesis project after a year and a half of grad school. … Continue reading

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Bliss. The Didactic Express, Day Twelve

Today, I was out shopping with Nominatissima when all of a sudden, a very strange and wonderful realization came over me: There I was, out in broad daylight, in a crowd of people. I was wearing leather boots, leggings, a … Continue reading

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The Secret History of Jaime (Part 5): Crossdressing

I first tried cross-dressing about a week after my eleventh birthday. I can’t recall precisely what motivated it: probably my growing fixation on the physical manifestations of femininity, though some of it was a form of private rebellion. I recall … Continue reading

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