An Unpleasant Bind

Why do I always do these things to myself?

The thing is that traveling is a brutal exercise when your documents don’t match your gender identity. Customs officials are more likely to single you out, and even in Canada, our Beloved Harperian Leader has declared that we’re not allowed to fly if our gender presentation conflicts with the marker on our passports*. So I travel in drag.

As a concession to my sanity, I’ve recently started half-assing it (for example, I no longer bother to bind my bosom or wear clothing that was actually tailored for men), but nevertheless, after thirty odd hours in transit, I looked anything but feminine upon reaching Strasbourg.

My plan was to go to my room, change clothes, fix my make-up, and then proceed to the opening ceremonies; however (see previous post) there were a number of delays which prevented me from doing so. And what could I say when introducing myself to new people? “Hi, I’m Jaime; I’m a theoretical physicist. I’m really a trans woman, but you can’t tell because regressive sexual politics in the international security establishment forces me to conceal my identity. So what do you do for a living?” So I introduced myself** and left them to think what they would.

Since then, of course, I have been presenting as myself; I have made no commentary on it, and neither has anyone else. A few people, mostly coming from a similar cultural context*** have “clued-in” to my identity, but God only knows what the rest of them think.

Oh well. Who cares what they think? So long as they are suitably impressed by my intelligence, it’s largely unimportant.


*He cites “national security” as his reasoning. No doubt, he is rapidly responding to the threat posed by cross-dressing fundamentalist terrorists such as Saint Joan of Arc.

** As Jaime.

***And, as has been fairly standard in my experience, all of them have been women.


About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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