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How Pure Cynicism Made Me Into An Idealist

Those who know me are of the impression that I am a very cynical person. My own grandmother, as a matter of fact, when I was only nine years old, labelled me as being “the single most naturally cynical person … Continue reading

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One reason for which I love the new¬†Cosmos¬†series is that it really doesn’t pussyfoot around those issues upon which the science is “settled” but the politics are really not. Already, this has led to criticisms of the series from creationists … Continue reading

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Public Evisceration

I have thus far stayed-out of the controversy in the trans-sphere over allegedly-notable drag queen RuPaul’s constant use of transmisogynistic slurs. The truth is that I have never much cared about reality television, drag culture has always bored me, and … Continue reading

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