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Back to Haunt Me

So apparently, after years of sitting inert, one of my old April Fool’s Day posts is suddenly¬†getting heavy traffic because a commentator on a skeptical website is apparently citing it as serious evidence in favour of quantum immortality. This being … Continue reading

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Quantum Gender

In a certain light, queer conceptions of gender are a lot like quantum computing. I beg your indulgence, dear readers; I promise that I have not dived off into the deep end of quantum woo. I am merely pointing-out qualitative … Continue reading

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Not This Again

A few hours ago, someone I know on facebook, apparently without any sense of irony, posted the following macro: Now, I actually find this one to be fairly humourous, on account of the fact that it actually does sound very … Continue reading

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Cultural Backwash

Sometimes I think that the public’s reaction to a scientific theory or discovery is more interesting that the science itself. It’s around these times that I start to wonder whether I ought to be getting a degree in studying that … Continue reading

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Umm…April Fool’s

So, as regular readers may well have guessed, that last post was actually an April Fool. Unfortunately, the joke seems to be on me, since none of my regular readers actually seem to have read it. Just to clarify in … Continue reading

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Quantum Mechanics and Immortality

Now, of course, you have all heard me go on about how quantum mechanics is not the same as mysticism. But I fear that, in my discussion, I glazed over one key point for lack of time, mainly because this … Continue reading

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Another Thing that Quantum Theory is Not.

Less sensational than the claim that quantum physics allows for magic is the claim that quantum mechanics explains free will. Unfortunately for those who make it, this claim is no truer. The logic behind this claim runs something like this: … Continue reading

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