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Patterns to Chaos

Could someone explain to me why it is that no matter what research project I undertake in no matter which subject, sooner or later I will find that my result ultimately hinges upon calculating the determinant of some truly hideous … Continue reading

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Pretending Not To Notice

That was uncomfortable. As you know, I’m not out-of-the-closet to my supervisor. Normally, this is frustrating, but leads to few problems. I duck into my office and change before our meetings. Lately, however, he has apparently decided to become more … Continue reading

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My Five Year Mission

Given all of the unfortunate social problems that arrise from transition, it’s occured to me that it would be prudent to adopt a plan for the next few years. Given the still-routine employment discrimination against transgender people*, it would seem … Continue reading

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Dead Bunnies

Dead Bunnies I thought it was sweet there were bunnies; but now they’re deported or gassed And I thought you were wise on your website but now that impression has passed I thought I was making a good deal; two … Continue reading

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First Anniversary

It has now been one year since the worst day of my life (or, according to wordpress, more than a year, on account of how it appears to be based upon Greenwich Mean Time). Perhaps now is a good time … Continue reading

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Resolutions for 2012

I have a fairly terrible track record when it comes to actually keeping my New Years resolutions. But it is considered customary to make them, on the grounds that, allegedly, we could all stand some measure of self-improvement, so here … Continue reading

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