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Cultivating Language

I’ve decided that I’m going to learn to refrain from casual swearing. The emphasis here is on the “casual.” You see, what I want is to have a special store of really strong words that I can break out for … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned in MontrĂ©al

Yesterday, I returned from my month-long sojourn in Montreal; while it was certainly a wonderful thing to regain some measure of independence (no matter how temporarily), I am certainly happy to see the end of 24-hour work days*. I learned … Continue reading

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Writing and Physics

One of the very sad consequences of the ideological rivalry between the sciences and the humanities is that everything that has come out of physics over the last sixty years or so has been cursed with incredibly boring, incredibly stupid … Continue reading

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Random Observation Time

I’ve noticed that when I am glazing over the details of a mathematical derivation, I will say “it can be shown that [such-and-such] is true” when I actually know off the top of my head how to prove such-and-such. On … Continue reading

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How Not To Write Comprehensibly

Here’s a new rule by which I think that everyone should at least try to abide in their blogging: unless you are writing for exclusively specialists, whenever you make use of an initialism, take a few seconds to spell-out what … Continue reading

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“That Sucks.”

It might come as a shock to you to learn that, by and large, I actually talk in real life in exactly the same way that I write upon this blog. Needless to say then, I don’t talk like a … Continue reading

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“Losing” An Argument

When you think about it, talking about arguments in terms of winning and losing doesn’t actually make much sense. Think about it; assuming that the argument is based exclusively upon facts and logic (which is usually a pretty big assumption, … Continue reading

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