Mommy-Blogging And Me (Didactic Express, Day 15)

So, it goes without saying that I am not a mother; indeed, it seems a rather remote prospect that I will ever have children (and indeed, I question whether or not I will ever actually want them). But there is one thing that I know for sure.

I dislike mommybloggers.

Now, obviously, I don’t bother to read mommyblogs, because…Sweet Hera, why would I? But I am nevertheless quite familiar with the personality type, for the very simple reason that such people also tend to round-out their facebook pages with an endless stream of pointless parenting-related minutiae, which ranges from the boring (I don’t care about your kid’s habits of non-lethal spider-disposal) to the outright disgusting (NO! I DON’T want to know about the relative benefits of different kind of “wipes”! Red card! RED CARD! TMI! TMI!)

But then I got to thinking: maybe I am not any better than them. I mean, frankly, lately I have been going on a lot about the whole trans thing, both here and on facebook, and frankly, I imagine that most of my friends just grin and bare reading my complaints about my latest misgendering* or laser hair-related skin conditions**. Indeed, I imagine many of them may even cross the line into being “gross.”

So why do I bother writing about them? Well, frankly…I do so out of loneliness. I do so because I have this huge thing going on in my life, and I spend maybe half of my waking life all alone in a windowless office. I very strongly suspect that mommybloggers who generally tend to be of the ‘stay-at-home’ variety)  are similarly lonely, and indeed, searching out some sort of validation to their existences.

So today’s moral is:

Judge not, lest ye be judged.


*Suddenly happens much less, now that I part my hair in the side. It’s weird how much of a difference that that makes!

**For the curious, the swelling has subsided, but the hair will probably take another week or so to fall out. There? Don’t you just feel so much better now that you know that?


About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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3 Responses to Mommy-Blogging And Me (Didactic Express, Day 15)

  1. Yes, you are better. Let’s not even take into account that you don’t have this saccharine, cloying writing style that mommybloggers invariably do. Your crucial difference from them is that you talk about yourself and your identity. You don’t conduct any experiments on other human beings and don;t consume other people as fuel for your own identity-building.

    If you search for a validation for your existence, you do not do that at the expense of another human being. And this makes all the difference.

  2. adrianaurelien says:

    Parting your hair on the side gets you taken for a girl more often? I might have to stop doing that . . .

    And yes to everything Clarissa said. You actually have something to say. Even when you talk about the minutiae of your daily life, you manage to make your posts interesting and insightful.

    • “Parting your hair on the side gets you taken for a girl more often? I might have to stop doing that . . .”
      Yes, you see it creates the optical illusion that your face is shorter than it really is, while emphasizing eyes and cheekbones. I was actually amazed by how much of difference it made.

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