The Toronto Star is a Terrible, Transmisogynistic Rag.

Being as it was the only major English-language daily not to endorse Harper in 2011, one could be lulled into the impression that the Toronto Star is, in some sense “progressive.” The problem with being a trans woman, however, is that you know that you are just as likely (if not moreso) to be knifed in the back by the gendronic imbeciles of self-declared progressive politics as you are by the psychotic fundamentalists of the right.

Thus do we get editorials like this one, written by Ken Gallinger and published last Saturday in the Star, decrying the behaviour of a transgender woman (or man posing as a transgender woman) in a YM/YWCA women’s changeroom, who wandered about hitting on the women inside while naked and erect. And he’s quite right: such behaviour is appalling, and absolutely inexcusable.

It is for this reason that we can all breathe a sigh of relief for the fact that it never happened.

Yes, as Cristan Williams at the at the TransAdvocate points out, if the Star had bothered to actually check with any of the Y’s in the city, they would have found absolutely no evidence to support the story. But of course they wouldn’t do that, because forty years of terfy slander have so firmly entrenched the “trans-woman-as-sex-offender” meme in the minds of the progressive left that it doesn’t even occur to them that it might be complete bullshit. The story was of course, nothing more than a hoax to cast aspersions on transgender civil rights laws (and our detractors have predictably leapt upon this in the Star’s letter page to malign us once again*), propitiously-timed while federal protections make their way through the Senate.

The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that civil rights protections for trans women result in hordes of flesh-hungry predators descending on women’s washrooms. But for want of this evidence, our enemies are perfectly willing to just make shit up. And it doesn’t really matter if these stories get disproved one after another, because if they can become a cultural narrative, male predators posing as trans women will just become one of those things that “everybody knows” happens somewhere**.

In an ideal world, Ken Gallinger would be fire sacked for journalistic negligence resulting in the publication of counter-factual hate propaganda. But I’m not holding my breath.


*No doubt the author will immediately recant her views when she finds out that this story is false. No doubt.

**In much the same way that “everybody knew” that Iraq was secretly stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, “everybody knew” that gays were recruiting children, and “everybody knew” that other races were inherently inferior to white people.


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