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Post Mortem (part 2)

It was shortly after Trudeau announced the new ban on oil tankers on the BC north coast that I realised that Stephen Harper really has left no legacy to this country at all. What were the great projects of his … Continue reading

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The Complete History of Canada (According to Stephen Harper)

ca. 15,000 BC – 1496 AD: Nothing at all happened. 1497: John Cabot (who was definitively not named Giovanni Caboto) discovered Newfoundland while in the service of England, at which point Canada entered history. 1608 – 1758: A bunch of … Continue reading

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New Start

The truth is that I had an absolutely dreadful flight home yesterday. First of all, I misread the ticket, thinking that the flight was at 8:45 AM when in fact it was at 8:45 PM, so I got up at … Continue reading

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Concerning Thanksgiving (The Didactic Express, Day 26)

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, though I need to spend it marking lab reports in my office. I was, however, able to get a good feast in last night with a number of other physics graduate students: a potluck to which … Continue reading

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A Canadian Revolution?

Believe it or not, this post is not actually going to be about my hatred of Stephen Harper. Not that I don’t hate him, mind you, but there have been alot of bad Prime Ministers in the past, and Canadian … Continue reading

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