The Slow Death of Democracy in Canada

So here’s a fun new law on the books in the province of Alberta:

As before, most Alberta public employees won’t be permitted to strike.

But from now on, they won’t even be able to talk about a strike or any disruptive labour action that could be seen as leading to a strike.

If there’s a hint of a work stoppage, just a puff of smoke from a shop floor, the union will have to forfeit $1 million a day, unless it can convince the court it didn’t encourage the strike talk from locals or random militants.

Now, I am a great supporter of the labour movement, but even if you are not: there is absolutely nothing that can be said in support of this law. Even if you bill yourself as some kind of libertarian, and hate on Unions and everything that they stand for, you still have no business supporting this law because it represents an authoritarian government suppressing free speech in order to support their own interests. This is not a democratic law; it is yet another example of a conservative movement in this country which increasingly feels unconstrained by respect for the constitution or the rule of law. And if this is not struck down by the supreme court, then Canada is not a democracy in any sense of the word.


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6 Responses to The Slow Death of Democracy in Canada

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  2. Lindsay says:

    I think our public employees down here can’t strike. (Googled it, looks like the law varies by state; it’s illegal in 39 states and legal in only 11.)

    The name of Ronald Reagan is a curse in my household because of his mass firing of air-traffic controllers for striking in the ’80s. Thousands of them lost their jobs. We still have a shortage of air-traffic controllers today.

    This law is really scary, though! I don’t know that even talking about striking is banned anywhere here. How would you even enforce that without some serious Nineteen Eighty-Four shit going down, anyway?!

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