Are Women “Too Busy To Think About Politics?”

If there is one politician in the entire country whom I hate on a level comparable to that of Prime Minister Harper then it can only be BC Premier Christie Clark*. Since her election a year and a half ago, she has done nothing but embarrass herself and the province over and over again; it was, however, her unilateral decision that the Provincial legislature shouldn’t have a chance to sit until the next election that pushed me over-the-line into outright detestation of her.

Apparently, a lot of the people in the province of British Columbia feel the exact same way that I do, which is why her party, the BC Liberals** have been stuck more than twenty points behind the provincial New Democrats for a long, long time. This gulf (apparently) is especially pronounced among women– a situation which has a few very stupid people scratching their heads. Apparently, a lot of people seem to be of the impression that women have a Borg-style hive-mind, and so are mystified that they do not automatically rally around Ms. Clark (who is, after all, a woman).

National Pest columnist Brian Hutchinson offers a round-up of such misbegotten arguments***:

Are women simply more judgmental of other women? Do women see something negative in Ms. Clark that men have missed? Or is something else at work?

Something else at work? Like maybe the fact that right-wing policies tend to affect women disproportionately negatively or something like that?  Naaah! It couldn’t be. Clearly, it’s because of a genetic and/or culturally-inculcated predisposition not to support our own.

Of course, of all of the idiotic hypotheses, the most idiotic one can only originate with the Premier herself:

What with “preparing meals” and “helping their kids with their homework,” she has said, women don’t have time to think much about politics. They’ll say what they have to say to get suppertime telephone canvassers off their backs. “Women are very, very busy — focused on work and our family lives and paying the bills at home,” she told reporters on Saturday, when asked why women aren’t more supportive of her.

Now…putting aside the frankly bizarre assumption that today, in 2012, in Canada, most women are stereotypically vapid 1950s housewives, this argument clearly doesn’t hold water. Presumably, if women were just blurting-out answers in order to get pollsters off of their backs, then their answers would tend to average out to an even split between the three major parties.

I suspect, however, that the real reason that women don’t support her is basically the complete opposite: that they have been following politics all too closely.


*I’m not crazy about Dalton McGuinty either, but as he has announced his resignation, I’m pleased to say that I no longer have to care.

**Not to be confused, by the way, with the Liberal Party of Canada, or, for that matter, any politics which are even remotely liberal.

***I should point out that even this article is stupid: lambasting the BC Liberals for their lack of “bold ideas,” the author complains that they have been unwilling to discuss changing the party’s name.Yes, clearly a new coat of paint is just what the clunker needs! It’s so bold!

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