The Globe and Mail Sucks, Part 3: Sucking Harper

The good news is that, after a more than a week of persistent controversy and outrage, Canada’s self-declared national newspaper has finally decided that they can no longer keep their fingers in their ears and pretend that the robo-call scandal is not going on. The bad news is that, true to Harper-endorsing form, they’ve decided to gather their signature columnists together into a line to assure us poor, stupid electors, over and over again, that that whole blatant cheating in the last election was really no big deal at all.

Here’s professional hack Margaret Wente informing us that electoral fraud could never happen here, because of course, this is Canada, and such things simply don’t happen here. Take a chill pill everyone. She “proves” it by citing another Tory hack, Michael Bliss, and makes a bucnh of claims that she cannot possibly know on account of the fact that there has not been a full public inquiry.

Meanwhile, John Ibbitson is evidentally campaigning for Stephen Harper to give him a senate seat (following in the footsteps of another craven apologist, Conservative Senator Mike Duffy): he has written no fewer than three editorials “articles,” claiming that Harper could not possibly have been involved. The latest of these is notable for the almost comical stupidity of its central argument:

As a general rule, politicians never openly lie, because the consequences of being caught in one just aren’t worth it. (Think Watergate, Monica Lewinsky.) Neither of these men would take that risk.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen: Harper couldn’t possibly have been involved because he said so, and politicians always tell the truth. Clearly there is absolutely no need for a full public inquiry, because Old Snake-Eyes would never lie about anything!

Ibbitson adds:

Voters, not judges, will decide what punishment they deserve.

Not if they really are vote-fixing, we won’t!

But let’s talk about voters, for a moment. How is the public reacting to all of this, watching their democracy being demolished brick by brick? Well, according to the Globe and Mail, they’re cool with it. Of course, they didn’t even bother to report upon this poll issued a few days earlier which shows the government dropping like a stone, but hey? Why bother reporting inconvenient things as well as convenient ones?

Is it wrong for me to be taking all of this so personally? Frankly, I don’t think that it is. I think that everyone should be taking this personally, because we are the ones who are being systematically robbed of our say in the way that we, as a people, are governed. And I should hope that there is a special place in the hottest part of Hell for members of the fourth estate– people charged with the duty of keeping the public informed– who would so blatantly sell-out.

When I was eight years old, I wandered in to my grandmother’s kitchen to find the entire wall swarming with carpenter ants. They had been infesting the house for decades, and no one had had any idea, until the point when they came into view in their swarming multitudes; the house, as it turned out, was rotten to the very core, and nobody learned of it until it was too late. Right now, that is the way that I feel about the institutions of my country; not just the government, but its accomplices in the media.

To end on an ironic note, here is the Globe’s editorial rightfully decrying corruption in the recent presidential election in Russia. Tu quoque, Globe and Mail**.


*Even if the PM is not directly involved, the idea that some Tories aren’t behind this is risible.

**Yes I know that electoral fraud is not on the same level in Canada, but the difference is in degree not in type.


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