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The Big Book of Nightmares

When I feel the need for cheap thrills, I have traditionally turned to horror fiction. I’m not sure precisely why I do this; a bad horror story is a pure disappointment, whereas a good horror story can fuck me up … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Disturbances

I’m not a good sleeper. I’m prone to bouts of insomnia, and even when I do manage to sleep, I can rarely sleep deeply enough that I won’t be woken several times in the night by random sounds. I can … Continue reading

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Of Nightmares, Part II

Well, I finally had an example of the ‘spooky monster‘ genre of nightmare last night…Sort of. In fact, it could probably more accurately be described as a hybrid of the spooky monster nightmare and the bad ‘grandma died,’ sort of … Continue reading

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Of Nightmares

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the TV series Community (mainly because I think the principle character, Jeff Winger, is an insufferable, unsympathetic asshole and I just wish that someone would punch him every time he speaks) but one … Continue reading

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