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Steal This Penis.

I must confess, I don’t really understand the extreme aversion, among certain quarters of the American population*, to the very idea of gun control. When I bring up the subject, some of my liberal American friends suggest that their opponents’ … Continue reading

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Fear as a Motivator

I am irrationally frightened of my thesis advisor. I say ‘irrationally,’ because he is in truth actually a very nice guy and my interactions with him almost always go well. But he has this way of putting the fear of … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Down.

Calculus is a subject whose very name tends to strike terror into the hearts of anyone who hasn’t taken it. It is, for whatever reason, infamous throughout the popular culture for its difficulty. When I was teenager, I feared it. … Continue reading

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Amoral Karma

I have a very simple policy towards other people’s religions, which is much the same as the policy that I have towards other people’s sex lives: that is to say that I regard them as being deeply personal, and so … Continue reading

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