Capitulation and Closure?

Last Friday, I found an evelope from She About Whom I Am Sick of Talking* in my mailbox. It contained the sad remains of our original damage deposit (she had apparently thought it unspeakable that Nominatissima and I had merely washed her cupboards with soap and water, rather than bleaching them, and we were too sick of her to challenge this decision), but notably, no summons or notice of disputation over that whole ugly incident with the oven. Looking back on it, she had tried awfully hard to railroad us into signing a rather liberally-worded contract on the matter during the exit inspection (a tactic which our legally-savvy friend had wisely warned us against), so my guess is that she knew from the start that she didn’t have a legal leg to stand on and was trying trickery to recover her expenses. At this point, I am prepared (tentatively) to view her claim that she would  dispute the cost of the oven as being (like so much of what she has said) a load of bullying bravado and bullshit, and to therefore consider the matter closed.

I would therefore like to thank everyone who contributed money to Nominatissima and I over this matter. You know who you are, even though I must confess that I am not precisely certain.

In any case, feel free to request entries on particular topics, just as I promised.


*That is to say, our former landlady.


About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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