Children are not Reservists in the Culture War

Or at least they shouldn’t be.

Further to the point that I made in my previous post is this unspeakably sickening little video, in which some poor kid is coerced by a pack of (frankly) abusive parents into spreading hate propaganda against homosexual people.

I’ve always wondered about people who go after children; I have heard stories from (visible minority) immigrants who claimed that adult racists shouted epithets at them while they were children. I wonder how such people look at themselves in the mirror each morning. I assume that they probably don’t see their victims as human.

But even creepier, in my humble opinion, are those people who seem intent on raising children for the sole and exclusive purpose of numerically supporting their political or religious agenda (the Quiverfulls have recently made the news, but the fact that they are intent upon raising huge families for the exclusive purpose of political domination is too often overlooked).

Ideas can be wonderful, beautiful things: but the idea of bringing someone into the world in service of an idea, seems, in its own way, almost as twisted as the idea of taking someone out of the world in the name of an idea. And when that idea has absolutely no substance to it other than sheer, unrelenting, naked hatred, then I actually find myself pitying the poor child who is forced into servitude for it.

I do not believe in life after death. But surely if such things existed, the kid’s parents would have a place in the very hottest part of hell.


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I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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