Monstrous Acts

There are certain situations to which words like “sick” and “wrong” can not even begin to do justice: This is one of those occasions.

To summarize briefly, it seems a fundamentalist Christian group in the United States (which, somewhat unaccountably has been given license by the Supreme Court to ply its vile trade in American public schools) has opened-up a new frontier in biblically-based indoctrination: namely, using the story of Saul and (his genocide against) the Amalekites to teach children to reflexively obey commands issued in the name of religion, up to including those which order them to perform objectively monstrous acts. Adding a whole other dimension to this affront, the materials presented also include the implicit message that murder is justified if the victim is an unbeliever.

Allow me to reiterate this point: a fundamentalist religious group is using the public school system in the US to indoctrinate children into accepting genocide as a moral act.

It has become overly fashionable to lightly throw-around words like “fascism,” but it is not at all clear to me how it wouldn’t apply in this case. This is simply unacceptable.

If there is anything worthwhile that could come from this case, I hope that it is that it underscores the critical need to train students in ethical philosophy. And as this is ethical philosophy that we’re talking about, it’s pretty clear that Fundamentalist relgion should be kept the hell out of it.


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3 Responses to Monstrous Acts

  1. E A M Harris says:

    This is certainly shocking. There seems to be no general consideration of the damage done by fundamentalists of all persuasions.

  2. Lindsay says:


    For about the first half of the article, I had been thinking, “oh, okay, they’re going to look at the texts in the Bible that seem to advocate genocide, or show God commanding people to commit genocide, and they’re going to try and reconcile that with their idea of an all-wise, good and loving God.” Which would have problems enough on its own, since it would basically amount to constructing rationalizations for genocide, or downplaying the atrocities that have been committed in God’s name, or basically No-True-Scotsmanning out of having to face those atrocities, but no. I was wrong; they’re just coming right out and telling kids, “if God tells you to kill a bunch of people, BE SURE AND KILL THEM ALL.”


  3. n8chz says:

    1 Samuel 18:7

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