A Call For Reliable Newssources

I’ve finally decided to cut my losses and stop reading the The Globe and Mail altogether. I’d like to think that there was a time when it was actually a legitimate high quality newspaper (although looking back on its editorial endorsements in Federal elections, it’s pretty clear that it has been heavily slanted in favour of big business for at least the last thirty years), but maybe it just looked good to me in comparison to the National Pest. In any case, whatever the newspaper’s historical quality, I think that I am not alone in believing that it has declined precipitously (and acquired an enormous pro-Harper bias along the way) since the appointment of it’s new editor. As I have noted before, it’s coverage (or lack there of) of the voter suppression scandal (which I regard as the greatest single threat to Canada’s democracy in the post-war era) has been absolutely shameful, and it gradually dawned on me that I didn’t respect the intelligence or professional ethics of almost all of its regular stable of columnists: John Ibbitson and Margaret Wente are both pretty nakedly campaigning for Senate seats (appointed by the Prime Minister, all too often, from the ranks of the parliamentary press gallery, but good luck reading anything about that blatant conflict of interest in the mainstream media), Neil Reynolds’s columns are barely coherent mashes of half-truth and illogic (always concluding with “…and therefore, libertarianism!”), Lysiane Gagnon’s sole purpose in life seems to be serving up the opinions that rich Anglophones want to hear from Quebec, and even Lawrence Martin, the sole liberal whose columns seem to be included only for the purpose of ‘balance’ has been reduced to throwing his support behind anyone who seems remotely likely to be able to unseat Harper, causing him to adopt conflicting opinions in quick succession. I admit, I actually do think rather highly of Jeffrey Simpson (I especially appreciate the fact that he was willing, after the defeat of the Charlottetown Accord, to take a few months to reflect upon just how out-of-touch he had become with the politics of the nation he covered), but his is a thin gruel to support a national newspaper.

The last straw for me came withthis in today’s paper, a propagandistic puff piece which could have been written by the PMO itself.

I give up; I’m done. It’s not even worth it to keep reading to find out what Harper wants for us to believe.I can get my international news (in much greater detail, in fact) from the BBC or Al Jazeera*. But as for national news in Canada, I would appreciate recommendations.


*The English service tends to be free or anti-semitism, although I’ve heard this is not the case with the Arabic service.


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