The Globe And Mail Sucks, Part 2: Sucking Harder

Yesterday, I mistakenly implied that the Globe and Mail would publish anything: today, I see that that is not in fact the case.

You see, a few days ago, a campaign of widespread voter suppression was unmasked; it seems that a call centre in Edmonton that had been employed by the Conservatives was sending out false robo-calls to Liberal supporters in key swing ridings on election day, telling them that the polls had been moved. So far, it has been found that this fraud has taken place in at least 27 different ridings across the country. The Conservatives, of course, denied involvement, but they have been caught running similar dirty tricks in the past, and the scandal has since expanded beyond only robo-calls.

Considering that the Conservative Party won it’s majority government only by razor-thin margins in a number of ridings, I would say that this is a fairly major scandal! It could even mean (though I doubt that Elections Canada would nut-up enough to say so, even if it was what they found) that their majority mandate is illigitimate, and that byelections need to be called in as many as 10% of the ridings in this country. It could fundamentally alter the balance of power, and cement Stephen Harper’s place as the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history*.

So what does that Globe and Mail, which has always billed itself as “Canada’s National Newspaper” have to say on the subject in this, it’s weekend edition, when everyone (presumably) is reading?

Not a goddamn word.

Here, you can search yourself: The only articles in today’s paper about this scandal are an unrelated note about the mayor of Toronto, and an online-edition apologetic by Tory hack Tim Powers, which blames the Opposition parties for blowing things out of proportion. Even the National Pest, which I long ago dismissed as being a right-wing birdcage liner has done a better job.

It’s pretty obvious to me that the Globe knows which side its bread is buttered on these days; my only question now is whether newspapers only recently became this sleazy, or whether we’re only noticing it now because we have the Internet to fact-check. Somehow, I’m betting it’s the latter.


*I don’t actually think he has a lock on that title as yet; some day, I’ll blog about why, but I’ll give you a hint: Arthur Meighen.


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