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Why I’m Voting For Brian Topp

For the past several months, I have been closely following a certain political race whose outcome could have a wide-ranging and long-lasting impact upon the course of my life. I’m not talking about the “G”OP presidential nomination (the sole redeeming … Continue reading

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Gender Roadblocks to Exercise

Dilligent readers may recall that one my New Years resolutions this year was to get at least a half-hours worth of vigourous cardiovascular exercise everyday this year (not counting the time I spend riding my bike too and from work). … Continue reading

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On the Nature of Privilege

I submit for your consideration the following facts, dear readers: That “privilege,” in the sociological sense of unearned advantages conferred upon individuals as a result of their race, sex, class, creed, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, and so forth, exists. … Continue reading

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Today is a good day, I think, for cribbing a meme from two of my fellow bloggers, Clarissa and n8chz. The gist of the meme is to list three things in the course of your lifelong learning that came as … Continue reading

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Ancillary Moral to the Previous Post:

Upon reflection, I realize that there is another important life lesson to be drawn from yesterday’s (somewhat lengthy) account of my misadventure in astrophysics. Namely this: never use “brilliance” as the primary criteria in selecting your supervisor. Chances are, anyone … Continue reading

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First Anniversary

It has now been one year since the worst day of my life (or, according to wordpress, more than a year, on account of how it appears to be based upon Greenwich Mean Time). Perhaps now is a good time … Continue reading

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Yahoo! News Sucks

Primarily for legacy reasons, I still do my e-mail through yahoo. One of the consequences of this is that, every day when I log into check my messages, I am treated to a panoply of vacuous tabloid stories masquerading as … Continue reading

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