Canadian Shame

I’ve long hated Canada’s Conservative federal government. Over the last six years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has committed one disgraceful act after another. With the complicit support of less than forty percent of the population*, I have gotten to watch as the Tories have (among other things) gutted the census, crudely doctored interdepartmental memos to mean the opposite of their intended purposes, muzzled scientists, omitted all reference to “equality” in the mandate of Status of Women Canada, tried to change the broadcast regulations to allow their SunTV puppets to lie directly to the population, refused to release memos concerning the torture of Afghan detainees and then refused to comply when Parliament ordered them to fork them over, ordered the Senate to block civil rights for transgendered people and gone through with an idiotic attempt to reform the Canadian Wheat Board even after the supreme court declared it to be illegal.

I have become so saturated with disgust and moral outrage that I began to doubt that I was still capable of it. I was wrong.

But really, what should I expect? This is a government of denialist morons, by denialist morons, and for denialist morons. The Prime Minister himself, for godssakes, in flagrant disregard for the scientific consensus, once declared that climate change was a “socialist scheme” .

So congratulations Mr. Prime Minister. You have, through your dedicated efforts to dig a sub-basement ‘neath the lowest level of disgust, made a Canadian patriot ashamed of her country


*Canada consistently has between three and five major parties, so a party only needs a plurality of the vote to win an election.


About thevenerablecorvex

I have the heart of a poet, the brain of a theoretical physicist, and the wingspan of an albatross. I am also notable for my humility.
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